What is a Central Bank

A central bank is an institution that regulates its interest rates and manages the money supply for the economy of the country under its purview or for a group of them, as is the case >>>


GDP USA 28 July 2022

In the first quarter in the US, the GDP figure was negative, with a value of -1.6%. This second quarter’s GDP was quite expected because, according to economists, when two consecutive quarters show a negative >>>


Inflation USA 14 July 2022

This week the US inflation data for June came out, and again came out higher than expected. Inflation was 0.3% higher than expected, with fuel and energy prices being the main culprits. The lack of >>>


Russia defaults.

For the first time in just over 100 years, since 1918, Russia has defaulted by failing to pay interest on a US dollar debt. The $100 million was due to be paid on May 27, >>>