EURUSD 1.1950 a 1.20 – 14 Sept 2020

The EUR/USD rate begins this week with a slight increase, however, this Wednesday, the 16th, the events scheduled by the USA Federal Reserve might shift this tendency. For now, we expect EUR/USD to reach somewhere between 1.1950 and 1.20.

In the following paragraph, we’ll leave a few potential ideas that in our opinion have some value in the short term.

Fonte TradingView/IDC

Potential ideas

In terms of strategy, any point between 1.18 and the current price represents a valid entry point. The X in the image above represents a possible objective. Taking this into account, the better your entry point, the better the ratio of your return. Taking that into account, your stop loss should preferably be somewhere under 1.18.

If the rate goes under 1.18 we can expect a bigger correction from EUR/USD.


Be aware that a good capital management strategy is vital to success.

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