May 17, 2022
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    Weekly recap 18-22 January 2021

    USA The three major stock market indexes went back to a rise, reaching new highs, with gains from companies like Netflix, Facebook, and Alphabet leading the charge. What mainly helped this trend was the hope >>>
  • Markets

    Weekly recap 11-15 January 2021

    USA A small correction in the stock market was somewhat expected this week, with the political consequences of the American Capitol’s invasion elevating tensions and leaving investors on their backfoot. After deeming President Trump as >>>
  • Markets

    Weekly recap 4-8 January 2021

    USA The Capitol invasion, the biggest event this week, was ignored by the majority of investors. Most probably thanks to the fact that most people knew that this invasion was not going to yield any >>>
  • Markets

    Weekly recap 28-31 December 2020

    USA The final week of the detested 2020 year ends with the three major American stock indexes reaching historic highs. Thanks to President Trump approving the 900 billion coronavirus relief bill, investors saw that as >>>
  • Markets

    Weekly recap 21-25 December

    USA The stock market indexes revealed a somewhat expressionless week, showing just a small rise at the end of the week. Even though the week started off with a feeling of fear due to the >>>



Asset Research

Financial Institutions

  • Since ESMA, European Securities and Markets Authority, introduced financial leverage limitations, traders/investors in Europe became very limited when it comes to risk. Even though these limitations were introduced with the purpose of protecting investors against >>>