August 10, 2022
  • Asset Opinions

    Brent – 9 August 2022

    The price of energy has been rising since the beginning of 2022, but since the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it has reached even higher values. In the early days of the >>>
  • Markets

    Weekly summary 1-5 August

    USA The recovery trend in the stock markets continues for another week. However, the good results in economic data, in particular unemployment, can be seen as something negative for most investors. The employment data showed >>>
  • Learning

    Technical Analysis – Principles

    Technical analysis is a method of analysis used to analyze and (attempt to) predict the future price changes of a financial asset such as stocks, commodities, or currency pairs, only a price history is required. >>>
  • Learning

    Fundamental and technical analysis.

    When investing goes a little beyond a hobby or an exploratory activity, we need some basis for making decisions, i.e., the need arises to analyze the asset in question in more detail. To do this >>>
  • Learning

    Hawkish and Dovish – different directions

    Usually, the Presidents of the Central Banks and the members of their committees have a position as to what monetary policy to follow. These positions can be divided into two directions: hawkish and dovish. The >>>


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